Dimestore Heart


Most of the things I still love in life could, once upon a time, be purchased at Woolworth’s, including (though not pictured here) – hot dogs wrapped in bacon, surrounded by crisp grilled buns; machine knitted lace cardigans in yarn so skinny it seemed like thread,  tiny blue bottles of Evening in Paris perfume for birthdays and Christmas, and many, many things with swans on them.  I liked to look at the embroidery kits, but mine didn’t turn out like the picture, so I lost interest.  Probably this was the beginning of my life-long addiction to the fantasy of making things, rather than the actual fun of trying out an idea.  Now I buy these things for myself, leftovers from other people’s unrealized flights of fancy.   I still like to stick to the five-and-dime budget.  Ok.  I’ll give you a dollar, but that’s as high as I go!


2 thoughts on “Dimestore Heart

  1. Sign me up! Oh, that beautiful Woolworth’s on Clark, home of lunches with Ann Marie and Valerie and Cheryl, of felt and embroidery kits and Hershey bars…

  2. SO very very pretty and Evening in Paris – my sister Edith used to wear that as a young girl – loved the bottle and the name evokes the scent memory – after ALL these years…I wonder if there is any Evening in Paris out there?

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