Live is Where the Heart Is


Recently, I have been telling certain parts of my story to a really good listener in my life – describing things that I have lived with for a  very long time that aren’t exactly secret, but that only I think about, or realize the consequences from.  It shocks even me, how much there is to say, and how full that well is.  The timing for this cloudburst of emotion is oddly appropriate.  Over 30 inches of rain have fallen this year so far.  Everywhere I look, the land is full to overflowing.

Emotions swell and crest, and then, finally, drain.  Their repercussions ripple through my surroundings, where I am beginning to turn the tables on my possessions.  Papers and geegaws and bric a bracs held me in thrall for so long, I hardly noticed how much room I didn’t have.  But the more I am here, the more I see that I need myself, oddly, the fewer things I want.

This sampler spells it out.  Is there anything to add?


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