In honor of my sister, Pamela Berkman-Saky, for her efforts to coax a novel from the month of August, these are the heaviest hitters I can currently muster for Intercession with her Muse.  That’s Dante on the left, Diana on the right, and the Bard of Avon, center.  This is a pretty good crew to have looking over your shoulder.  I learned from Wikipedia that Dante’s contribution to the literary language called “Italian” is as pivotal as Chaucer’s was to English.  Diana is not only the goddess of the hunt, the moon and birth –  things any artist needs in her metaphoric quiver – but a twin.  Oaks are her sacred tree.  It so happens that her festival is tomorrow, August 13th.

Mull over the synchronicity here in your imaginations for a little while, and get back to me with your insights…Go, Pammy!


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