Who Were Here


My client closed their studio yesterday afternoon, so I hurried home, full of butterfly ideas to start on for next week.  Passing the exit for the antique mall (open every day of the year except Christmas and New Year’s Day), I told myself, “Every prop you have at home started as an idea at the antique mall.  Go HOME.”

I made it all the way to my front door without buying anything but gasoline.  It was only 2 p.m.  At least two hours of light remaining on the wall and tabletop.  Just make a cup of coffee and I’m all set.  Get out some butterflies, and stick them in front of the camera.  Go!

The couch does look cozy, though.  It couldn’t hurt to close my eyes for a few minutes, could it?  I tried to fight off the cool pillows and warm sun beams as long as I could, but I know you can guess how things turned out.  I was already dreaming when I made this picture.

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