Many Happy Returns


Eighty eight years ago, Grace and Lamar spent the first night with their new little girl – Barbara Anne Downtain.  She lived in a caretaker’s house with her 2 brother and 2 sisters, squabbling and playing, and hiding from the adult forces beyond her understanding.  She saw this pitcher on the dining room table, watched her mother fill with flowers countless times.  Sometimes, she was the lucky girl who snuggled under this quilt, recovered enough from a summer cold to sit in the living room with the family, and listen to the opera from New York.  At some point, she made a firm decision that life, for her, required art and flowers.

And she grew up to be my mother.

Happy Birthday, Mom.  I miss you so much.


3 thoughts on “Many Happy Returns

  1. Such a Beautiful tribute to a Beautiful Lady. Your mom, my Aunt, was a SPECIAL lady in our lives. How lucky I was to have her in my life! There were times that she was the “sanity” in an insane world known as adolescence. I Love and Miss her daily, yet feel her presence with me.

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