Thread Bare


Sunday my car was rear-ended by someone in a hurry to get to church.  And the hurry he was in was enough – about 20 mph worth – to mangle my bumper and misalign my trunk.  Yesterday I bit my fork and chipped a tooth.  My lungs are ever so much better, but the repercussions from the loss of work will linger in whatever surprises come with the insurance bills.

I’m feeling pretty vulnerable.  The ladders between the threads, the way they reveal a part of the structure of my world that I couldn’t see before, have their own beauty, though.  I can’t reweave these deconstructed areas, and expect them to hold together for long.   They offer only one option – a gentle and honest approach.  I don’t know when this experience will fade, or what will be different when it does.  But I think I will be glad to have held this fragile place with tenderness, and let it unfold into enough light to be clearly seen.



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