Aline’s handkerchiefs came out of the dryer wrapped around each other like origami formed and twisted by unconscious will.  I love such gestures, made outside of intention – for example, the way a coat lurches haphazardly on its hanger when hung hurriedly, or how receipts pile up on the kitchen counter into towering archives.  To me these works are perfect mirrors of the life we do not realize we are living, as we go about doing something else, something deliberate and IMPORTANT.

There’s nothing wrong with intentional, but I couldn’t have made this lovely sculpture on purpose.  I wouldn’t have dared.  It would be too bold to imagine that all the handkerchiefs needed was each other.  Forces required by many spells to manifest their magic – water, heat, time and stirring –  freed their spirit.  And I am free, too, simply to say, “Oh, aren’t they sort of lovely, just like they are?”

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