For You, Darling on Your Birthday


For You, Darling, on Your Birthday

Though I want to tell you, Darling,
All the things I’d like to say,
I hope this birthday greeting
Helps to show in its own way
How very much I love you,
And how much I’m hoping, too,
Your birthday is a happy one
In every way for You.

(This card came by Kismet Mail.  It was obvious to me that Mama and Daddy intended it for you.  I just added the falderal. The photo is Christmas in La Grange, which would make it 1968. You don’t look any different, you beautiful thing.  Happy, happy birthday, darling Pam.)

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2 thoughts on “For You, Darling on Your Birthday

  1. And happy birthday to you, my darling! As always, your work looks like I wish my writing read! Are those the dolls we were allowed to specially pick from Marshall Field’s toy department? We look like we have lipstick on, I wonder if we did. Honey your butterflies this year are the best yet. I lve the mysterium, of oucrse, and ones from March 26, but really I love them ALL! Ditto your valentines. You are so talented, and getting even better with each passing year. My dear, I envision a year ahead on the upswing for both of us! Love you!

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