Ordinarily Summer


Air conditioning has been on my mind a lot lately – because I am living in it almost constantly, and I hate it.  Well, I guess I don’t exactly hate it, but I do have a tendency to turn it OFF whenever possible.  Others suffer greatly without a constant drool of frigid air, though and I don’t want that, so I sit on the patio or put on more clothes if I have to be inside.

Turning our world ever so slightly nearer to the sun switches on a deeply ancient Self.  Every creature is busy living right now – fuelling and courting and nursing.  I want to yield, not endure or fight or try to change the sweating air to something better.  And while I am glad to lower the temperature of my car from 400 degrees (or whatever it is at the end of the day when I drive home), I am most glad for the moment when I turn off the man made air, and my windows open, and Summer finally breathes me in.


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