Afternoon Chicken Mind


For the sake of argument, let’s call these chickens Henny and Penny.  They currently lay eggs for Madison Christian Community church over here in my new neighborhood.   Henny and Penny were having a late afternoon snooze in their chicken condo when I crept up the driveway to steal some pictures of the blue-whatever-they-are currently blooming along Old Sauk Road.  From the security of their coop, they have a very nice view of the prairie restoration surrounding the unremarkable church building, where who-knows how many song birds, and a serious flock of gold finches (that much I know) live a freer, but more precarious life.

While a polite sign asked me not to take any eggs unless I was a member of the church, it didn’t say anything about taking pictures of the girls.  And clearly, Henny and Penny didn’t mind at all.

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