Lilacs for Brains

venus de lilac-2

The wheels of spring turned so quickly this year, we hardly blinked and the trees had shed their petal pink disguises in favor of hungry green leaves.  Or maybe it was me who moved too quickly, whizzing from one imperative to the next because that is what “imperative” means.  Lilac, crabapple, forsythia, magnolia, serviceberry, quince, ornamental pear – rolled across parks and lawns according to their own tender urgency.  Between home-work and work-work, I couldn’t put up much of a chase.

So this year, I have trusted Spring’s judgment to reveal whatever was needed.  She saw her opportunity and she took it.  She paused for me though I barely saw her.  She didn’t linger waiting for my grasp.  She was too free for that.

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