Flowers on Sunday Lightly and Darkly

Tonight there was almost an extra half hour for the flowers to take their turn in the window, humming around each other in their cordial melody.  It’s surprising, isn’t it? How quickly we respond to that extra light at the end of the day, as January begins to wring just a little more sun from the clock – even when she hides it behind milky grey clouds.  This brightening can’t help but include us in its subtly spreading increase.  Despite everything, we remain creatures of the natural world, and it works its rhythms in us on a scale so magnified, we barely even notice.

My friend reminded me of the reasons this isn’t about flower arranging.  It’s about finding something beautiful, something to make me feel that I’ve shown (shone?) some of the love in my heart.  Which I do want to share, and hope you will see what I see, too.

Of course, the colors and the shapes are what come into the light.  But they gather their aliveness in the velvet dark, along with so many tender things that emerge from that other language of forming and waiting.


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3 thoughts on “Flowers on Sunday Lightly and Darkly

  1. I look forward to the extra glimmers of light each day and February will be here in a blink.

    Time to remember my favorite poem…if it is a poem.

    Each day longer lingers the setting sun…

    Far out of sight the miracles of April have

    I read that in a column years ago and it renews my spirit.

    Thinking of you and Pam with love.

  2. It’s like a painting, like an amazing still life. I am in awe. And always, my dear, your wise words making me so thoughtful…love to you.

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