Flowers on Sunday As You Can See

When I bought these tulips, a thin red outline edged each lemon-yellow petal, all drawn as close to each other as the rings of an onion. And yet – as the buds plumped with light and water – the red spread imperceptibly, infusing the yellow cups until they were as rosy as a sunrise. It was such a sweet surprise, to see them blush as they revealed their secret.

The tightly folded buds didn’t care that the daylight was bleak and colorless.  Inside, they knew what they needed to do with whatever sunshine they found.  You can’t get your heart set on things turning out they way you want – because, you may not know everything about the tulips you bought.  Things might even turn out to be more beautiful than you ever could have imagined.

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3 thoughts on “Flowers on Sunday As You Can See

  1. Dear Brenna – every Sunday, you touch my heart. Every Sunday, I await these beautiful words, images, and ideas with loving anticipation. Every Sunday, I am rewarded. Thank you, dear cousin.
    LOVE, Sandy

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