Flowers on Sunday All Along

My brain keeps trying to re-set to what my friend calls “The Before Time,” as if I am waiting for a call from someone I miss.  It doesn’t make any sense, but the habits of familiarity are like a major chord – you can’t avoid hearing how it should resolve.  You know right where the notes should be.

Did you ever love certainty so much?  Appreciate its delicious comforts? Sink your teeth into what happens without much thought.  Fill the kettle, smooth the bed.  Call your cousin and laugh the way that only family can.

Apparently some people like the excitement of arbitrary change.  Continuous improvement, I think they call it now.  Well, you bring your adequate performance right on over here, my darling, and let me marvel at how the routine of everyday has made you smart and strong and good at something.

You let other people do the improving for a while, they could probably use it.  I’ve got plenty on my hands, getting to know you, and listening to the petals every Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “Flowers on Sunday All Along

  1. Nine degrees today, a soft southeasterly breeze and your flowers….blissfully counting the days to March 20💐🌸🌹🌼🌻🌷

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  2. Dear cousin, you’ve done it again – given me happy tears, and smiles, and verbal hugs. I haven’t yet lived up to our promise to reach out to your brother and his wife, and his daughter, but – Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow!!! MUCH LOVE.

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