Flowers on Sunday for Pammy

Sweetheart.  These are for us on our birthday, served up by the old Delft vase. Do you remember it? She’s is so fragile, with cracks clear through the porcelain.  But she insisted she should hold the flowers, so I found a way.  Now, I can see why.  She’s in her garden, sharing it with us.

I keep dozing off, when what I want is to write a little bit more.  Or maybe I want to join the flowers in their dream, and meet you there, too.  You can drift in, between the petals, and be there any moment.

Oh sweetheart.  This year, this year.  But spring isn’t waiting anymore.  It’s here.  Things are better than before.

Love you, fifty-seven.  Love you so much.

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8 thoughts on “Flowers on Sunday for Pammy

  1. Oh my darling, thank you. They’re beautiful. As I saw the image, before I started reading, I thought oh my God, is that the pitcher? The one I think it is? And there it is, and hers as well. So beautiful. And as you say, spring is here now, spring is here. No more waiting. Moving forward into it. Love you! Happy, happy, happy birthday! Hello 57. We are in each other’s good company. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. A beautiful birthday poem to your sister and to you……my first students seeing 57…is it possible? I see your happy, smiling and upturned face as you greeted me…just like your flowers smiling at the sun.

  3. Stunning – as always! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I was going to call but I didn’t want to compete with the beautiful flowers! Love you much sweet Cuz!

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