Flowers on Sunday Forsythia

It was the forsythia today, in the end.

I fell asleep – and this is true – while I was editing the pictures, so I made this in a dream, I suppose.

But also, forgive me.  I’ll have to call it a night, instead of giving the words their play.  Everything I want to say is all here anyway.

I love you, sweet heart. Forsythia, for always, I do.

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2 thoughts on “Flowers on Sunday Forsythia

  1. I always think the Forsythia is the TRUE messenger that spring is really here – not just a single trumpet like the daffodil, but a BURST of bright yellow that catches your eye even if you’re driving fast. It shouts to us “YES! It’s REALLY spring, now!”. Thanks for our Sunday flowers, dear. Sandy

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