Flowers on Sunday with Snow

We got our first big snow last night – which is the prettiest time for the snow to arrive.  I’m sure you remember – the air shimmers and twinkles, or drifts and dances, depending on the kind of snow it is, how fast it is falling and how close your window is to the nearest streetlight.  This was a shimmer snow, and it left behind 9 inches of feather-soft crystals to shovel and sweep.  Oh well.  Nothing’s perfect.

Tuesday seems like forever ago.  I mean, it really does.  But it’s not even 6 days.  I saw my friend, and we behaved ourselves – especially me.  I have to surround those hours with words, to protect them from the accumulation of ordinary time that has already diluted their pungency. So that I remember.  Remember that whether we behave or not doesn’t change very much between us.  The story still ends with “I love you.”  But it ends.

Meanwhile, these tulips. The exact color of raspberry-orange sherbet. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

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