Flowers on Sunday From Mr. Tulip

Tulips for our week, brought by Mr. Tulip, my sweet assistant.

I saw so many friends this week.  Flower friends, photo friends, and friends from my first temp assignment when I went back to school.  That’s a lot of social engagement for me – celebrating the good enough feeling of just getting together.  A time capsule in lunch and supper, spanning how life has unfolded in the past 10 years.

I’ve worked hard to establish my uneventful life as a petty bureaucrat.  I know I should want more – but that is the trade off for a bird in the hand.  You have to walk away from the terribly seductive pair singing in the bush.  I have enough to do to keep this little bird fed and chirping.

Tulips are eventful, though.  And you do not have to choose only one.  You can have quite an armful if you know Mr. Tulip.


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