Flowers on Sunday Les Roses

A Valentine for my sweethearts, just a little early.  It’s always Valentine’s Day for them, really – but they required a flourish of roses in honor of hearts and holding hands and smooches.  My familiars, my surrogates, my crystal clear desideratum, telegraphed to the ineffable without any need for translation.  Here, let me show you what I want.



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One thought on “Flowers on Sunday Les Roses

  1. I love this so much, Brenna! I wanted to say hi because I had lunch with Pammy today in Berkeley, and your name came up. I hope you are well, happy, flourishing! and I love seeing that you are still posting here; I do and always have thought what you do here is a treasure of an endeavor; I can’t call it a blog — such an ugly word. Rock on with your creativity! ❤ Tigris

    aka Carolyn, but Pam is the only one who still calls me that.

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