An Emergence of Butterflies – St. Patrick’s Butterfly


Today I had the feeling Mom was with me.  She said, “Let’s go to the antique mall, and find St. Patrick’s butterfly.”  I said, “Ok!”  My friend Maryanna was at the mall when I got there.  When she saw me, she laughed.  “Are you following me?” she joked. But really it was just a wonderful coincidence.  I said, “I’m here looking for St. Patrick’s butterfly for Mom.”  Maryanna’s eyes twinkled.  “You better get going then!” she said.

When an intuition strikes so clearly, you can trust something will turn up.  Mom’s presence stayed with me, shining a light on charming things that tickled her sense of whimsy.  It didn’t take long to find butterfly doilies, just the right shades of green.  Maryanna gave me the leprechauns and shamrock girls.  The Madonna Indulgence  came from Aunt Patty’s house, and I think it was Grandma’s.  Just crochet and paper, but to me, it is wonderful.

We never collaborated when Mom was alive.  Her dominating presence made it too hard to share the spotlight.  Today, though, it seemed Mom wanted us to create St. Patrick’s butterfly together.   For once I felt playful and carefree as I began to work, instead of burdened by my usual anxiety.  I listened inwardly, patiently, keeping an open mind.  Mom’s curious nature guided my hands and camera.   A mandala and a garden evolved from the dialogue between my heart and Mom.  Before I knew it the window where I work was dark.  It was time to come in for supper.

Thank you for the fun time, Mamma!  I hope we can do it again!  Love, your Four Leaf Clover Butterfly


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