An Emergence of Butterflies – Presentation of the Butterfly


If people are saints because we need them to be, what happens when we don’t need a saint anymore?

Marv carried us into  realms of wonder, showing us things he imagined were real, and things he didn’t realize we could see –  the way the world looked as we sat on his shoulder above the crowd, how to draw on a paper placemat, the right amount of peanut butter for a graham cracker.  But it was not always so benign.  If he didn’t like what he was seeing, he knew who to blame.  I guess I learned how to do that from him, too.

It was so hard for Marv to see by the light of his own butterfly.  We had to help him with that, Pammy and me.  But now the butterfly is emerging on our path together, flashing its wings out of the shadows.  Definitely, it is emerging, not disappearing.

In this picture, I’m not sure who is needing who.   And that’s the way it is with us, when presenting our butterflies for each other to see.


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