An Emergence of Butterflies – View Finder Butterflies


When you are looking for butterflies, you have to look everywhere.  You have to look all over your untidy house, if you have one.  Maybe you have a tidy house.  If so, good luck.  You probably already know where all the butterflies are.  It’s easier to find them if you have to put on your butterfly viewfinder and look.

This composition is intended to show you how to find butterflies with a viewfinder.  It helps to see what to do.  Tomorrow, maybe, we’ll just take a look at the butterflies, but today, I liked seeing where they came from.  I hope you find some today, too!


2 thoughts on “An Emergence of Butterflies – View Finder Butterflies

  1. Lovely as ever — I would like to share with you my butterfly story! One night, while we were cuddling, my son Miles , when he was somewhere between 2 and 3, wanted to say something really wonderful to me – he took a deep breath and called me : “Rainbow mummy”. Of course, I was thrilled . The next night he called me “Rose mummy” which was equally lovely and then, on the third night he called me “Butterfly mummy” . Since then I have called him my ” Rainbow Rose Butterfly Mi ” every night, when we cuddle (he is 10 now and , yes, we cuddle) and that’s how I find MY butterfly everyday!

    • oh yvette your story proves that nothing we can imagine is as lovely as the true beauty that comes to us every day! what a beautiful story, and of course he saw who you were, exactly! love does that….xoxob

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