More than Magnolia


When I pause to create an entry to share, often my heart is throbbing with guilt.  The day is not going as it should.  My little ship is rapidly approaching the Falls, which I am sure to tumble over, just as soon as lunch is finished.  Honestly, I don’t know how I manage to write anything at all, sometimes.

But of pink magnolias, and blue skies, I have no doubts.  They will always, always be more than I can see at once.  I can crane my neck and hold my breath and never know for sure, until it is too late to try again.  Failure is almost guaranteed.  But it is my truest pleasure to keep trying.


2 thoughts on “More than Magnolia

  1. Beautiful. I really have no recollection of Magnolia from my days in the city in the midwest. Magnolia was just the name of a street. It wasn’t until I moved to the South that I became aware of and fell in love with this beautiful tree. So, what did I plant in my first garden there? Magnolia trees. They are everywhere around here.

    Oh, and about the struggle to write something to go with your photos…your photos speak loudly all by themselves, in a language unique to each viewer. This photo took me to a place in my mind that I hadn’t visited in a long time, my first home in NC. It was a bittersweet visit, but good.

    Karen xo

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