Sunday was True Junker Christmas.  The opening bell rang at 7 am sharp for the first Elkhorn Flea Market of 2015.  (By the way, there is no bell, but while you are standing in line at – oh, maybe 6:30 – stamping to keep warm, crowded with similarly ebulient people who think finding good junk is better than another hour of sleep, you do feel a little like a race horse ready to sprint.)

I will write a little more about our day, but for now you can see that I got a blue elk and had breakfast at the Elk diner, plus just a tiny bit of the wonderful treasures Junker Santa found for the other kids who woke up early to open their stockings.

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2 thoughts on “Shazam!

  1. Oh my god the jelly glasses. Oh the clock. (I always loved those ones that had a day section and a night section that moved.) and oh, oh, oh, South Lake Shore Drive.

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