Reading Into Things


The week went a little differently from how I imagined, and that isn’t really news, is it?  As you see here, I got the big camera back just in time to worship at the spirea fairyland along Buckeye Road – and any older neighborhood where romantic souls have slathered “Bridal Veil” along property lines and driveways.  It hurts me to see spirea pruned into rigid hedges with only a few white puffs struggling to bloom on stubby twigs of old wood.  Spirea are languid, unruly beings, meant for lazy dreamers who like to leave things alone and see what happens.

I imagined I’d write to you at least a few times in the mornings this week before my class, but instead I was submitting homework at 6 a.m. every day.  This week I went to an orientation for a paralegal program I plan to start in the fall.  Our class seems to have started as we are meant to go on – working hard to follow instructions to the letter,  get things turned in on time, and wrap our brains around completely new territory as fast as possible.  It took all my powers to finish the assignments for each session. It was kind of fantastic being surrounded by people who care enough about what they are doing to care about what I am doing.  I have been missing that for so long.

What will take root in this new soil is an open question.  For now, I’ll leave things alone, and see what happens.

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