I Got Your Message


You know how just when you are meaning to call your friend, the phone rings and it’s her?  I’ve been getting those calls for the last week or so, and it’s been wonderful.  One friend made me laugh so hard I cried, another made me feel so seen I cried, and one scalawag pointed out that feeling disappointed was fine, but underneath I might really be angry – which was so true.

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve this friendship and concern, but I surely do appreciate it. My heart is indeed more than a little sore from looking for ways to fix things that aren’t working out.  As usual, my mistake is looking in the wrong spot.  All I really needed to do was turn in your direction and see you’re there.  You know that I can’t be perfect, but I am alright with you.

Also, in case there is some static on our psychic message line, and you are trying to reach me, and I am not getting the signal – let me clear it up.

I love you.

There.  That oughta do it.

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