Flowers on Sunday at First Glance

Today the hellebores and tulips and greenery refused to cooperate into their Big Arrangement, turning up their lovely tutus and petticoats and ruffles at my rinky-dink tools.  “Non, non, non!” they objected to my flimsy craft store chicken wire and not-quite-heavy enough flower frog.  So I will be forced to buy some Supplies, because – well, if we give the flowers what they need, they will give us everything.

I feel like I blink on Saturday, and it’s gone.  And the flowers take all my Sunday – so where will the butterflies find their way into March – which is already on its 7th day?  Hopefully the petals will suffice.  Or lure the butterflies in to take up the light and remember Spring.


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4 thoughts on “Flowers on Sunday at First Glance

  1. More beautiful thoughts as I start the week…and continue the journey of Women’s History Month….if only the Sunday flowers would remain outside of their memory….but next Sunday is soon to come again.

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