Always Violets


The day starts out hopeful, but it doesn’t take long.  Pretty soon, the camera system breaks, and no one knows why.  Once we can make images, the software exports them to a black hole of its own choosing.  We have to launch a search and rescue mission for what little work we’ve done.  Cheerfully, an assistant wheels over a third cart full of work for me to complete today, even though I already have 2 carts, labelled “1 of 2,” and “2 of 2.”  I ask out loud, “Why would I wonder if there was a third cart?” and bless this thoughtful person who has saved me from a very bad mistake.  It takes a lot of effort to squeeze a completed capture out of the infrastructure.

This picture was a pretty lazy gesture.  It’s only ribbon violets, balanced on a hanger draped with lace, all from my grandmother’s belongings.  I didn’t try very hard, and I don’t really know if any magic happened.  That’s for you to decide.  All the struggle came in the days when I wasn’t making anything.  That’s really work.  Remembering those days makes me want to sit down and have a cup of coffee.  The rest of what I do is  just how I keep myself from remembering.


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