Heres and Theres


In the twinkling of an eye, my habit of lunchtime blogging has vanished, replaced by scurrying to dress giant Barbie dolls on photo sets exiled far, far away from the reach of wi-fi.  I’m afraid this picture isn’t much of a reward for your visit, since the re-workings at work have drained my tank so thoroughly, there’s no gas left to spark my creativity and photography on the weekends.

This ball of thread is just as I found it, imperfect rewindings overlapping the pristine criss-crosses formed the day it was made, telling the story of a project begun and unfinished, perhaps.    Its core remains unexposed.  A spool like this is full of contradictions – you only find the emptiness at the center core by using it up completely, reconstituting the perfection of machines into the imperfectable and priceless work of hands.

And if that isn’t a metaphor for the life I live –  popping dozens of tops and pants and boxer shorts onto mannequins, luring innocent human beings into imagining themselves somehow improved by wearing the output of factories wherein our brothers and sisters toil – then I don’t understand what a metaphor is.


2 thoughts on “Heres and Theres

  1. Dear cousin, obviously, you DO understand what a metaphor is, and the imperfect but perfectly strung sphere is a valid metaphor for your life, but not for YOU, who is much more beautiful than this ball of twine, and definitely NOT empty at the core.
    Hope to talk soon –

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